Natural Leadership
The Relationship Between You and Your Dog

Calm and Balanced Canine Centre

"We believe we can provide the most natural canine environment where all dogs can live calm and balanced in a human world and enhance the human-dog bond".

If you're in need of high-quality, dedicated and caring kennel free daycare and boarding for your furry family members then Calm and Balanced Canine Centre is your answer.  We provide a safe, calm and caring environment to reduce the amount of stress for you and your dog while you're away.  At Calm and Balanced Canine Centre your dog will enjoy fun days.

Behaviour Therapy

Dogs that need more than basic skills


A structured day


A kennel free environment


Basic commands

A Calm and Balanced Day is a Structured Day

Dog-Assisted Therapy

Our community groups are focused on dog-assisted therapy.  We have several groups that come and visit our Centre for emotional support the dogs provide.

Safety/Education - School Visits

The school visits are designed to educate children on how to approach and introduce themselves to dogs. This program is to help kids be comfortable around dogs.

Call For a Free Consultation

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Contact us for a free consultation with no obligation.  Come and see our Centre and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Community Outreach Programs

We try to be as active in the community as we can.  We believe that as a business it is our obligation to give back to the community.  Contact us at 416-746-6364.

  • Dog-Assisted Therapy
  • Dog Safety and Education