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Calm and Balanced Canine Centre is an enrichment facility for dogs offering all inclusive services in Daycare, Boarding, and Training/Behaviour Therapy.  Our Daycare and Boarding programs include daily walks and structured routines.  Our facility is tailor made to promote a pack environment and optimize socialization and interaction while our therapy focuses on behaviour modification. We strive to promote a healthy mental and physical lifestyle for your canine companion while enhancing the human-canine bond.

We have 3 large play areas. Your dog is paired with dogs of similar activity level and behaviour.  Regular outdoor breaks,  and canine-matts are spread throughout the Centre for dogs to rest whenever they feel they need too.  Your dog will learn positive socialization behaviours, get needed exercise and have companionship when the owners need to be away.  Dogs of all ages and activity levels are welcome at Calm and Balanced Canine Centre.  We promote dogs learning how to be dogs.

Our Team

If you're looking for a team of high quality, dedicated and caring canine professionals then Calm and Balanced Canine Centre is your answer.


Dane - Centre Lead

 Maria - Animal Care Attendant

Yousef - Animal Care Attendant

Spencer - Animal Care Attendant

Geraldine - Reception

Sunny - Animal Care Attendant

Ashley - Animal Care Attendant

 Jovani - Co-op student

Our Canine Team

Chase - Ridgeback Mix

Erfy - Great Dane

Ginger - Great Dane

Bobbi - 

Our Feline Team


Orange Tabby



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