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Community Outreach Programs

Calm and Balanced Canine tries to be as active in the community as we can.  We believe that as a business it is our obligation to give back to the community and we've setup community outreach programs.

We support and believe in the therapeutic value of therapy dogs.  A therapy dog team is defined as a handler and a dog that has been trained to provide interactions such as visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes, working with special needs individuals, and incarcerated individuals.  A therapy dog team should facilitate human-dog interactions in such away to provide a benefit to the recipient of dog-assisted interactions.  Our team provides interactions in facilities such as colleges, schools, hospitals, long term facilities, assisted living facilities.

Dog-Assisted Activities or Visitation

    • These are visits provided by a therapy dog team to clients or recipients but are not measured by a credentialed professional such as a teacher, doctor, social worker etc.

Dog-Assisted Therapy

    • This utilities the human/dog bond in goal-directed interventions as an integral part of the treatment.  A credentialed professional, working within the scope of practice of his/her practice, sets therapeutic goals, guides to interaction between patient and dog, measures progress toward meeting therapy goals, and evaluates the process.

Personal Assistance Therapy

    • This introduces patients with disabilities to the benefits of therapy dogs.  Therapy dogs perform a wide variety of tasks suitable as intervention for a wide assortment of limitations.

Emotional Support Dog

    • These dogs provide emotional support , comfort, therapy, companionship, therapeutic benefits, or promote emotional well-being.

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