School visits

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Dog Safety and Education - School Visits

Our school visits are aimed at educating children on how to approach and introduce themselves to dogs.  Our program focuses on how to read a dog's body language, how to ask permission to pet a dog, and what to do in different situations with an unfamiliar dog.  Many accidents that happen are a result of the dog's fight or flight reflex.  The goal of this program is to have kids become comfortable with dogs that come within close contact, and steps to take if they feel unsafe.  We teach children how to detect when a dog may be unfriendly and what to do to discourage the dog from choosing the fight reflex.

Our program includes:

  • How to greet a dog
  • Safety tips - make like a tree
  • What to do if you see a stray dog
  • How to read a dog
  • Fun with your dog
  • Train your dog
  • Puzzles and colouring
  • Dog safety

For more information on how to get our team to visit your school please call us at 416-746-6364