If you're in need of high-quality, dedicated and caring kennel free daycare and boarding for your furry family members then Calm and Balanced Canine Centre is your answer.  We provide a safe, calm and caring environment to reduce the amount of stress for you and your dog while you're away.  At Calm and Balanced Canine Centre your dog will enjoy fun days.

Our Services

Our Amenities:

  • Kennel-Free Daycare/Boarding Environment
  • Regular Daily  Pack Walks
  • Regular Outdoor Potty Breaks
  • 3 Separate Play Areas
  • 4 Dog Treadmills
  • Custom Activities
  • Experienced Staff Members
  • Behaviourist & Dog Trainer


"Very nice people and they take good care of your dogs, very great place for all the dogs and they're well looked after..I'll be telling my friends about this place...Thanks to everyone at Calm and Balanced for looking after Lulu".

"Rosie, Zoran and their team have cared for our dog Luna since she was a puppy.  Wonderful to have their expertise and friendship in helping us care for Luna".

 Valet Service: Drop Off and Pick Up

Save on time and traffic hassles going to and from your furry family members favourite doggie daycare by using our valet service.  We pick up your dog from your home in the morning, drop off at our Calm and Balanced Canine Centre, return them happy and tired in the afternoon.  We are serving within a radius of 30 km from Calm and Balanced Canine Centre.  Contact us to sign up and schedule your dog's valet service.  Tel:416-746-6364