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At Calm and Balanced Canine Centre we offer a structured daycare service

If you're in need of high-quality, dedicated and caring kennel free daycare and boarding for your furry family members then Calm and Balanced Canine Centre is your answer.  We provide a safe, calm and caring environment to reduce the amount of stress for you and your dog while you're away.  At Calm and Balanced Canine Centre your dog will enjoy fun days.

In order to stay or play (daycare or boarding) with us, and keep a safe and healthy environment for all, all dogs must meet the following criteria:

Must have updated Vaccines: Rabies and Distemper.
Must be on a tick/flea prevention medication.
Must be spayed or neutered 8 months and under.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.
Must come for a consultation to zone their behaviour.

Before you arrive for your dog's first day of daycare fun or boarding, remember to email, fax or drop off your dog's vaccination records.  It is our policy that all new clients must provide and ensure that we receive vaccination records and forms prior to their dogs first day/night at the Centre.  Kindly remember to sign all forms prior to sending.

Benefits of Daycare


Dogs, especially young ones, need a lot of exercise to thrive; even more than we can give them on a daily basis especially when we’re busy during the day.  Exercise is vital to build up a healthy immune system and body, and also learn appropriate interactions and become comfortable in new surroundings.  Doggie daycare can provide your furry family member with the exercise needed throughout the day when your schedule doesn’t allow you to do so. 


Doggie daycare can provide productive mental challenges.  We offer agility equipment, toys, structured activities and continual canine interaction to keep your dog intellectually engaged. Staff members are there to make sure your dog is safely enjoying the play areas and play groups.  The scents, games, and interaction with others can really help stimulate your dog mentally.

Energy Release

Leaving a bored, idled dog at home often can lead to destructive tendencies in order to relieve energy and boredom.  A chewed up sofa or a spilled garbage can is often the result of being cooped up for too long.  By enrolling in doggie daycare, you can ensure your furry family member is able to release energy in a positive way throughout the day without being destructive. Hanging out with other well-behaved dogs can be beneficial to your dog’s social development.  This can lead to more confident interactions with other dogs and people outside of the daycare environment.  It is not unusual for daycare dogs to exhibit more stable, well-adjusted personalities than they had prior to regularly attending a daycare facility.


Hanging around with other well-behaved dogs can be beneficial to your dog's social development.  This can lead to more confident interactions with other dogs and people outside of the Calm and Balanced Canine Centre environment.  It is not unusual for daycare dogs to exhibit more stable, well-adjusted personalities than they had prior to regularly attending daycare.  Our daily routine starts with a morning walk and is aimed at optimizing the time your dog is with us.  It is our goal to have your dog return home in a calm state.

Green Zone Yellow Zone Red Zone
8 hrs $32 8 hrs $45 8 hrs $60
12 hrs $42 12 hrs $55 12 hrs $70

Valet service available

Pick up and drop off at your home

$3 each way within 30 km of The Centre

inquire information for your area

Structured Walks

When dogs arrive (around 7:30 a.m.) the walks begin. We do a structured pack walk in our neighbourhood and nearby parks. The walk usually averages 30-45 minutes, providing 1-2 walks per day depending on the weather.  The structured walk is also a mental challenge which helps calm the dogs and teach the pack to ignore distractions in their environment.


The treadmills are located in the exercise area.  Our treadmills are the safest in the market built explicitly for dogs, which makes it easy for the dogs to use.  A few of the many benefits are: versatility in exercise, a fun activity, mental and physical workout, strength training and building stamina.  

Structured Interaction

This time is dedicated for our staff to interact with the dogs and for the dogs to interact with each other safely in different areas of the Centre.  We have the outside run, obstacle course, structured play and exercise areas.

Obstacle Course

There are no obstacles just advantages for learning. Our course is used for confidence building and trust bonding.  The dogs enjoy playing in this area.


Free Time

This time is allotted for time to relax and enjoy the sun, catch up on some sleep, chew on a toy, play with friends or just walk around the Centre and explore.

Integrated Daycare Therapy Service

Therapy is integrated into the daily activities of our Centre.  This close social interaction with our team requires your dog to learn limits and boundaries, respond to basic commands, and exhibit social skills to interact with people in different environments.


When the walks are completed, the dogs who eat at the Centre are fed at this time.  It is better for the dogs to exercise, rest, and then eat.  "This is because dogs naturally wake up and migrate searching for food, we try to mimic that innate instinct." 

Rest Time

After the dogs have eaten, they are required to have 10-15 minutes of a rest break.  This break is used to aid in digestion of their food and prevent dogs from getting sick due to excessive activity or bloating for the larger breeds.

Special Events

Enjoying that special day with friends.  Birthdays, special events and holidays are celebrated.

No dog is turned away due to its behavioural issues.  We categorize dogs in three different zones.

  • Green Zone

    • Exhibits social skills acceptable to interact with people and dogs.  Responds to basic commands.
  • Yellow Zone

    • Exhibits dominate social skills, habits and manners not acceptable to interact with people and dogs.
    • Doesn't respond to basic commands to maintain domestic harmony without supervision.
  • Red Zone

    • Exhibits dominate aggressive behaviour with people or dogs.
    • Not able to interact reliably.
    • Doesn't respond to basic commands conducive  to domestic harmony.
    • Has a bite history

Calm and Balanced Canine Centre's Requirements

The only items we require when your dog comes for daycare:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Neutered/Spayed
  • Medication if needed
  • Required amount of food if needed