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Dog Training Skill-Building Program

Our dog training skill-building programs are for puppies who are just starting to learn basic commands and expectation around the home, young dog who needs to feel more comfortable being handled and cooperative to the advanced dog thats ready for more distractions hold longer commands and gains more freedom through cooperation with the handler.  We also offer dog behaviour therapy to teach what is expected behaviour around people.

Puppy Training Sessions (10 - 20 weeks old)


4 @ Centre 4 @ home
$300 $400

Our puppy training classes are focused on starting on the right paw.  The goals of these lessons are to have your puppy learn basic commands, gain the ability to walk properly on a leash, and know the expectations of the humane world.  The lessons will also get your dog comfortable with being handled.

Dog Training Basic Skill-Building (Adult)


4 @ Centre 4 @ home
$425 $525

This dog training skill-building program is designed to teach your dog(s) the first steps of learning.  This includes basic commands, leash walking, and general recall.  Also, the lessons will get your dog comfortable with being handled.

Dog Training Advanced Skill-Building (Adult)*


4 @ Centre 4 @ home
$500 $600

The advanced dog training skill building program is designed for those dogs that have already completed the basic skill-building program.  This program is aimed at building upon your dog's attentiveness and ability to disregard distractions. Becoming a good canine citizen.

*Dog Training Basic Skill-Building must be completed before the Advanced Skill-Building or Approval from the Behaviourist.

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