Behaviour Therapy

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Behaviour Therapy sessions are designed for dogs that need more than just basic skill-building.  This program focuses on structure and expectations.  The objective of behavioural therapy is to teach your dog how to live in a human world.  The dog learns what is expected: no jumping on strangers, walking in and out of doors, how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs are just a few of the many things your dog will learn.  There is a difference between a well-trained dog and a well-behaved dog.

We categorize dogs in three different zones:

Green Zone
Exhibits social skills acceptable to interact with people and dogs.  Responds to basic commands.

Yellow Zone
Exhibits dominate social skills, habits and manners. Not able to interact reliably with people or dogs.
Doesn't respond to basic commands to maintain domestic harmony without supervision.

Red Zone
Exhibits dominate aggressive behaviour with people or dogs.  Not able to interact with human or dogs.
Doesn't respond to basic commands conducive to domestic harmony.  Has a bite record.

All session are private one-on-one with family members involved with the process.  This is a 5 session course with each session being 1 - 1.5 hours in length per session.
With 1 session every 2 weeks lasting a total of 10 weeks.

5 Sessions @ the Centre once every 2 weeks

5 Sessions @ your home once every 2 weeks

Green Zone Yellow Zone Red Zone
$680 $980 $1280
Green Zone Yellow Zone Red Zone
$780 $1080 $1380

We also provide Integrated Daycare Therapy

  • Therapy is integrated into the daily activities of our Centre.  This close social interaction with our team requires your dog to learn limits and boundaries, respond to basic commands, and exhibit social skills acceptable to interact with people in different environments. ****Integrated Boarding Therapy is available if needed.

Training and daycare combination: (6 week program)

Puppy Adult Behavioural
$1800 $2000 $2500*

Both puppy and adult combination includes 4 training sessions and 18 days of daycare. Our trained staff will spend time working one-on-one with your dog, under the supervision of the behaviourist.  Your dog will attend daycare 3 times per week for 6 weeks.  Pick up and drop off is included**.  The behavioural combination includes 5 sessions and 18 days of daycare. This has our senior staff and the behaviourist working one-on-one with your dog.

*The price for the behavioural combination is based on a green zone dog.  Yellow and red zone dogs will have additional costs.
**Additional cost may apply if you are outside of our pick up and drop off area.

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